seychelles(LA DIGUE)



Group of around 115 big and small islands but 3 of them are the  major ones.

  1. MAHE.
  2. Praslin.
  3. La digue.

Out of these MAHE is one of the biggest with an international airport also the capital victoria is in MAHE,followed by praslin and la digue which is the small one . Cruise transfers are needed for the visit to praslin and la digue.

La digue-

From MAHE Airport we took a taxi to reach jetty.Our cruise took 1 hour to praslin and another 20 minutes to la digue. People say that la digue is a small island agree but not that small that you carry you own luggage to the accommodation, so my advise is to choose an accommodation near the jetty.There are plenty of accommodation near to the jetty and all over the island but most of them are the budget ones.Budget accommodation here in seychelles starts at 100 USD per day.People have there different opinions regarding sightseeing around the island ,but one has to decide how to spend your stay at island.

So after early morning breakfast we took a BUS that was the only option available for excursions around the island.Other option are bicycles and by walk.FIRST we went to Grand Anse it is a Long shore beach with strong currents  sometimes ,so we decided not go very deep rather enjoy at shallow. Snorkelling is not possible there.Long stretch of the beach shore makes it very beautiful.

Next we visited a park  that is a home for many giant turtles some of them are 100 years old we also make the feed some herbs that are available there only. Seychelles is home for  giant turtles they are in abundance.

As we walked further there are two beaches Anse Source D argent and Anse La Re union both share same shore and both are equally beautiful , good for snorkelling the sea water is so clear that one can easily see fishes while walking into the sea  as they move fearless. We spent two hours minimum there as it was first experience for us. The crystal clear water makes this beach memorable one,my personal favourite. A small cafe outside the beach area with plenty creole veg and non- veg options.We enjoyed and also liked the creole cuisine as the vegetarian menu was also delicious.

In evening we visited the cementry side of the island it is also good but the best/crux of the La Digue we have visited earlier.

There are many islands neary buy but we limited ourself to Ladigue this time as we planned only to remain at La digue.

ALL cuisines are avilable in La digue. For indian food inside Le relax hotel there is a restaurant.





So it was around 3:00 PM when we reached to our resort in krabi. For the first time we took a Luxury resort because relaxation was our mood.Still krabi has a lot to visit.

After check in, we visited klong muang beach. It is a beautiful and a silent beach surrounded by a few beach bars.Not a famous one so it is less crowded and allows to spend a quality time.Near to the beach area there are many good  multi cuisine restaurants.So we took our dinner in one of the Indian restaurant there.

Next day we planned for railay beach.To reach railay is not easy. First we took tuk-tuk to reach Ao nang and from there a long tail boat to Railay beach. Railay beach is an island and its a big one too. The beach is surrounded by the big lime stone rocks that adds more and more beauty to the place,as an add ons there are many recreational activities there such as canoeing,beach volley,and various motorable activities that holds very well to stay at the beach .Many multi cuisine restaurants and resorts are also there if one likes to stay there. we spend our whole afternoon there and on the way back we found that the people who sail their long tail boats takes very high charge to reach at Ao nang more over double the cost, that’s why I say in Thailand first clear all the charges at the time of booking.

Next day we started our day at the beach of our resort, as many of us wanted to relax for a day, and get charged for Bangkok .Some of us planned to visit Ao nang today in evening as it is the crux of krabi , it is surrounded by the some local shops restaurants and also one street with adult stuff there. It’s a mini patong with all the activities same as patong beach in Phuket with a smaller scale.But krabi is mainly for those people who want to have an ultimate beach experience with relaxation.


We didn’t planned pattaya there.

For ultimate shopping experience and night life we kept Bangkok for two nights and three days. So we reserved our rooms at sukhumvit  (soi) as the streets are first day we went to local market weekly sort of flea market. we took a metro to reach chatuchak market as it is a local market no brands were there and the quality of the stuff is to be judged by the buyer only, also barging is also possible up to a great don’t hesitate to bargain.we spent our whole evening there in crazy shopping.Next day we decided to go to ethical and seconds shopping malls too.

Main shopping malls that were in our list was

1. terminal-21 mall.

2 panthep mall.

3.siam paragon mall.

4. MBK mall.

and some near by mall were also there in our list. they are very big mall with any  to many world brands with in.we did a lot of shopping in Bangkok. In the night after coming to our hotel we went to moon bar @  Banyan tree hotel.Its a famous roof top bar at 61st floor of the hotel, a part from the aura it has some great views to look specially at night. we really enjoyed our experience there.

Next day after breakfast and check out we put our luggage at cloakroom and went to shopping again.please leave for airport early if you have an evening flight.traffic jam is a major problem and many people miss their flight by getting late there.

When it comes to local shopping Thailand is one of the biggest bargain market-the message from my side.














Phi – Phi island and road to krabi.


So the return transfers to the jetty were included in the amount that we paid to the vendor.It was an early morning pick up from our Phuket hotel, as we reached to jetty after  30 minutes of wait we boarded our cruise that took us to kai islands, the cruise  route was full of views as we went to upper deck it was really a nice one. So as we  reached to kai islands we got a set of snorkelling gear equipments and I must say kai island is one most beautiful island that we have visited in Thailand. snorkelling was not possible because one side the beach is rocky where you see colourful fishes and on the other side there were no fishes. it was 90 minutes stop there and it was full of fun. Scenic beauty made us click many pictures there.

So from there further 30 minutes of cruise and we reached finally to ph-phi islands. By name they are the group of islands and collectively they are named as phi-phi islands.We committed a mistake while planning that we should have stayed there for a night and must explored the island on both days. Phi Phi comes under the krabi province. So we made a decision that we will reach Phuket and then will go to krabi by road as we booked it  when we reached Phuket. So finally we took a dip at phi phi  beach and tried to explore the island for 2 hours but we didn’t reach the satisfaction .so its my advise, one should stay there for a night or two minimum.As we reached phuket we booked our transfer to krabi. In evening we went to patong beach for dinner. TUK-TUK- they are autos that takes a round of patong only because no other vehicle is allowed and its one way too.

So in the morning we were all ready for krabi. Van took us to city centre of Phuket from there we were transferred to another van that took us to krabi. Road trip to krabi was really awesome and the views are beautiful.It took around 3 hours to reach krabi. From there we arranged a different transfer to reach to our resort in krabi.

ADVISE-Please ensure while booking the excursion or transfer because people change their words post booking that is quite disturbing.










PHUKET,City tour.

We departed from Mumbai airport and landed in Bangkok,please be alert as suvarnbhumi airport is one of the busiest airport in the world and visa on arrival section for connecting flight has a different que . Otherwise one may miss the connecting flight to other cities in thialand.Also please carry a photograph to avoid spending money at the photo booth.

So it was a 1 hour flight from Bangkok as we landed in Phuket we took a cab to reach to our hotel. Bargaining is possible at the airport for cab.Beware inside airport there are many booths for tours and they give many discounts,don’t entertain them as their prices are already we reached hotel at  patong beach which is densely crowded by tourist.

After some rest, in evening we went to Patong beach had a walk around the beach shore and the experience was good there.Thailand as a country is full of at patong there are many local shops and their merchandise were cheap also the quality is good.For food no worry many Italian,Indian,Spanish,Arabian and other cuisine restaurants are available.

 BANGLA STREET- Adult street in Phuket also covered with quality clubs and bars.while walking through this  street i just witnessed many girls dancing in front of their bars , pole dancing, also inviting to come and chill at there place.A part from this there are male striptease, female striptease,also gay and lesbian clubs.

many family restaurants and clubs are also a part of patong.

DAY-2  We took a city tour which included

1.Tiger kingdom– A nice place for the tiger lovers coz you get to see tigers and of course a picture can also be clicked if one is ready to pay  high amount of baht.

2.Phuket Trick Eye museum A nice and a tricky place where over 150 paintings are there with the 3D effect and every picture is different with other and the museum is  all 100% fun, in my opinion it’s a must visit while you take a city tour of Phuket.

3.WAT CHALONG TEMPLE-Buddhism is one of the major religion that is practised in Thailand. In Phuket city  there are around 29 buddha temples and one of the most important temple among them was WAT CHALONG TEMPLE.

4.BIG BUDDHA-Also known as Tian Tan Buddha.It is one of the 29 major buddha temples, its a bronze statue of buddha Shakyamuni and was completed in the year 1993. It is about 34 meters tall statue,Also the view from the hill is also nice where you got to see the sea and forest as well.

5.Rawai And Karon Beach-Karon beach is less crowded with tourist and quite as well. Rawai beach is not for the tourist mainly for excursions covered with long tail boats.

In Evening after coming from the city tour we booked our next day excursion for Phi-Phi island then after fresh and change we went to patong and bangla road again for dinner and fun.






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AUSTRALIA being a continent many question came in my mind.


1.How many nights.–      (8 nights our trip)

2.suitable budget (flight +hotel).


4.Food & beverages. at the last.

6.suitable season to visit     (Oct-mar)

My budget was 4000 AUD  per person which includes every thing.

I finished it all with in this.


2 nights for all the four places ( Sydney, Cairns ,Gold coast and Melbourne).I took early morning flights to reach every destination on time and start planing the excursions as well. flights between the cities takes around two hours distance and between cairns and sydney it was a three hour flight.


International Air Fare Was 1200AUD per person From NEW DELHI – SYDNEY AND MELBOURNE – NEW DELHI.

Domestic Air fare was 500AUD per person for flights between (sydney-cairns, cairns-gold coast, gold coast- melbourne).

Hotel rooms Rooms rent are not fixed and it depends with place to place, its something which needs to be fixed as a budget for  every tour.we kept our budget 100 AUD per night.As a budget traveller we can’t afford luxurious rooms everywhere.


All the four destinations that we have visited have major one or two days for excursions that costed nearly 100 AUD per person.So for excursions we spent 700 AUD per person for all the four destinations.Plus airport shuttle is 20 AUD per person here.


As a tourist we use to take light snacks all day round whenever needed and available. At times it becomes difficult to find a vegetarian (even no egg) snacks.But meal we use to take in evening as dinner. In Australia average meal costs is around 50AUD Per night.


In Australia shopping is good everywhere but in Sydney near the darling harbour shopping areas are good and the varieties are also good there.


Season starts from october and the new year eve in Sydney is very famous and happening there but it lasts till march .

Here is all the planning and calculations that is needed to plan any trip by self.Please feel free  to ask any questions about the destination.




Melbourne was the exit port of our tour.

But every destination was so different in this continent that i was not able to understand  what Melbourne will be as a city .

So from this thought we left gold coast airport and landed in Melbourne, took an airport shuttle bus and from the bus terminal we reached hotel and did check-in. we were told by some people that in Melbourne the local sightseeing is possible by

Free yarra trams are available to move around the city.

Around 45 minutes we studied map of the city that was available with hotel.

We went to the nearest tram station and just boarded the tram which took us to the St.patricks  cathedral.After prayer we clicked some photographs there.

We took another tram to Federation square which is the busiest point of Melbourne to visit, shows were also running when we visited. Nearby is the flinders street  the happening street in Melbourne with many local shops and restaurants as well.

Next stop was the docklands another must to visit place in Melbourne.

Docklands is the harbour side development pointed by high-rise buildings and a Melbourne wheel, also surrounded by waterside street food joints as well.

Docklands stadium also known as Etihad stadium is one of the major attraction here for many activities like Sports( football ,rugby,sometimes cricket) light shows,concerts etc.Ethihad Stadium is one more reason to visit docklands.

On the way back we discussed the next excursions as there are two major excursion in Melbourne. 1- Philip island  (penguin parade).         2- great ocean road.

We decided that we will go for great ocean road excursion. So we booked the excursion with the hotel itself which was 75 AUD. This price was much cheaper than we saw online with other excursion sites.Then we spent our evening at the near cafe and exploring the streets of Melbourne.


It was an early morning pick up for the excursion, around 7:00 Am the bus arrived at the hotel.After collecting all the members of the tour we left for the excursion.

A scenic road of around 300 kilometres with many stops within. Drain tree forest is also a part of great ocean road tour, but the beauty of the great ocean road is something is very hard to describe in words.

Twelve Apostles is like an identity that one draws whenever they start  planning Australian tour.Basically its a collection of limestone sacks off the shore of port Campbell national park .They are visible well before around 5 kilometres from the stop .Only 8 are left till date, previously it was called the SOW & PIGLETS.All the left 8 apostles are given  different names.  Helicopter ride is also available for those who want a close and complete 360 view around 90 AUD was the charge per person but  we didn’t take that as a choice.

Then the tour operator took us to a different beach that was also very beautiful as view,   But they didn’t advise to swim there and the sea water was also very cold there.Finally from there we left to Melbourne city the other side of the road was lush green fields it was very soothing,as it was last day of our tour i was busy in recapitulating the memories of our tour.

On arrival to our hotel after fresh and change we went to party, there are many cafe bars in Melbourne.

Next day morning it was time to say good bye.









waiting for tram.























Goldcoast is all about pushing  limits harder ,as it gets.

we took an airport shuttle (20 AUD each) that drops you right to the door of your hotel.

After checkin we started enquiry for the next days excursions.

so we took a combine pack for 2 days that included.

1.Q1-sky deck view.

2.Gold coast river Cruise.

3.Dream world with white water world admission pass.

All we managed in 105 AUD per person.

Whale watching was also there in our list but we were suggested not to go ,

because it was low season for whale watching.

So We started exploring the city streets and finally we went for the river cruise.

it was scenic,as we experienced the city from the other side.

After a 45 minutes cruise.

Next on our list was Q-1- sky deck.

So it is a beach side observation deck experience.

From ground its 50 second to reach at 77th floor.

As we stepped out we saw  360 degree views, surfers paradise beach and the beautiful

views of the city.

we clicked many photographs there and took some snacks and coffee there at the bar.

After sunset we went to our hotel took dinner and prepared ourself for the day two.

                                     DAY -2.

DREAM WORLD- Above anybody imaginations ,this place will test you at many levels as

you step in. A pure ADRENALINE RUSH.

Again a shared transport is needed to reach there because it is far from the city.

20 AUD  for the round trip transport.

Upon entry after validation of the tickets, first on target were the rides.

Selection of rides are important because the rides were far from my expectations.

So finally we did some of them in which we are comfortable but still ,

we tried some difficult ones which we should have avoided.

Some rides are also for children’s as they measure height before you ride.

There is also a zoo which is very interesting as you see tiger shows ,

which nobody can afford to miss.

A part from this kangaroos, snakes and train ride is available.

Whitewater- Aqua park with some good rides as well was included in the ticket fare.

but do check the temperature as it was very cold when we visited.

After aqua park we went to cafeteria as it was with in the campus

Closure time was 5:00 PM. we went out of the park and waited for our shuttle.

Upon arrival at our hotel,after fresh and change.

we went to  club and resto, night life is good there.

After coming back to our hotel.

we tried to book airport shuttle but it was all booked for the next day morning.

So we were suggested the other options, from them we took a cheapest one.

That was with the tram and the around 10 AUD per person we reached there.


Please feel free to ask any questions i will try my level best to answer.









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